The book “Dark days” is a documentary project of about the tragic consequences of armed conflict for civilians in the South-East of Ukraine- Donbass.
I have been documenting the war in Donbass since it started, and during these five years made over ten trips to the war zone, where I witnessed the full extent of the humanitarian disaster.
The project consists of three big parts that reveal different sides of this war, but each being a facet of the same tragedy.

Photographer: Valery Melnikov
Design: Konstantin Eremenko
Photoeditor: Andrei Polikanov
Text: Valery Melnikov
Text editor / translation into English: Olga Bubich
Editor / proofreader: Tatiana Timakova
English proofreader: Galina Shkumat
Colour correction: Vladimir Semenkov
Print management: Agata Chachko
© Valery Melnikov / Rossiya Segodnya, photographs, 2020
© Konstantin Eremenko, design, 2020
ISBN 978-5-600-02633-9

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