Moscow, Russia

Prison fashion week

It is an attempt to combine life in prison and its strict discipline with a free person’s opportunity for self-expression. Life does not stop behind bars. Isolated from society, the convicts try to live like ordinary people.
The inmates of a women’s prison walked out onto the catwalk to create at least a few moments of happiness for themselves and their fellow prisoners. These unusual models demonstrated a fashion collection based on prison clothing. It is a strange mix of prison drabness and strict discipline and creativity that turned inmates into models.
Every woman wants to be beautiful, elegant and unique, and this desire cannot be contained by thick prison walls and barred windows. A woman is free in her aspirations. The fashion show gave a sense of the freedom of expression and beauty to those whose freedom had been restricted for years. This element of “normal” life gives them hope of successfully rejoining society for a future of beauty and freedom.

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