Moscow, Russia

Prison catwalk

It is an attempt to combine prison life, discipline and self-expression of a free person. Life doesn’t end behind a prison cell — criminals who are isolated from the society try to live like ordinary people.

The female inmates went to the prison club сatwalk to arrange to themselves and other prisoners a holiday. The unusual models showed a collection of fashionable clothes based on prison uniforms. The prison, the grayness and the rigid discipline were strangely intertwined with the creativity and reincarnation of female prisoners in models. Every woman aspires to be beautiful, elegant and unique, and this desire cannot be contained by any stone walls and steel bars.

In this, the woman is completely free. A sense of freedom of expression and beauty was felt by those who for many years had lost their freedom of action and movement. This touch to a normal life gives hope for their safe return from prison. A return to beauty and freedom that briefly penetrated the prison walls.

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