Shuravi vs Mujahideen

A series of portraits taken during the Shuravi vs Mujahideen friendly football match in Kabul, Afghanistan. 25 years after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, former sworn enemies again come face to face, but this time on the football field. Friendship football match was held in April 2013. It had to reconcile Afghanistan war veterans called “Shuravi” which means “Soviet” on the one hand, and Afghanistan war veterans – “Mujahideen” on the other. Many people here still remember, how 35 years ago with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan a long war began. The majority of Afghans interpreted “shuravis” as foes. The Soviet Union does not exist anymore and now Russia and Afghanistan seek to build peaceful relations. Today Afghan soil should tolerate the presence of U.S. military bases. Gunshots are heard again, explosions rattle, but it is the other war ... Those former soldiers who used to watch each other through a slot sight now just play football, once again proving that it is the states that make us enemies. We never wanted to kill each other, we wanted to play football.