My enemy

The war in Afganistan lasted for 10 years and ended 25 years ago. A quarter of a century later retired officer Valeriy Voschevos decides to visit the places of the battle glory and have a look at the enemy – Soophy Payandu. Valeriy Voschevos was an officer from the Soviet army, battalion commander; Soophy Payandu was a field commander. Then they were fighting against each other and now are drinking tea together. There is no hatred, no fury; the war is left in the distant past. If we ask each of them whether they’d deviate form the path they’d chosen in the past, they would hardly agree. Now Valeriy Voschevos admits that USSR was wrong when committed the troops to the territory of Afganistan. But everybody was doing what was required – fought for his views. The war doesn’t pay dividends to its soldiers. Soophy Payanda has given all his strengths to the fight for his homeland but now he is poor with no pension existing there.

Valeriy Voschevos is getting an officer pension but he could be hardly called rich even though he can afford coming to visit his enemy. Everything that unites the former enemies is the memory of the war, personal acquaintance, short talk and unfinished tea.